Welcome To RPG - NJ

Reynolds Painting Group NJ LLC is a full service painting and wall covering contractor that provides high quality wall finishing services. RPG NJ specializes in applying paint and wall covering on condominiums, single family homes, apartment and office buildings, hotels, schools, and other types of commercial and industrial buildings. Currently, we serve all of New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Delaware. Owner, Dave Reynolds, Project Administrator, Erika Mehrtens along with site managers oversee all of our work performed on every job site. We emphasize total quality and accomplish all work on or before deadlines.

The intent of this site is to familiarize you with our company and our services. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be placed on your bidder's list for any future projects. Email Erika, our Project Administrator Today. Or call 908-393-0300 x7002